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Water story: Gibside Primary School

After completing an environmental review, the Eco Warriors at Gibside Primary School decided that ‘Water’ should be one of their key Eco-Schools topics this year. The school has well established links with a partner in Tanzania, the Korongoni Unit. Following a discussion about clean and dirty water the Eco Warriors decided to help to raise money to purchase an Aquafilter for the school and for the surrounding villages. In their action plan, they wrote that their primary aim was to raise £500 which would buy an Aquafilter for the school and support some of the families in Tanzania.

To raise awareness about global water safety to the wider school, the Eco Warriors presented their work in a whole school assembly. They also invited a visitor from Aquafilter who carried out a demonstration to the whole school to show the children how an Aquafilter works. To fundraise, the Eco Warriors ran a Fairtrade day and all funds from Fairtrade products sold went to the water project. On top of this, they held a coffee morning to involve parents and sold raffle tickets in class. We were successful in meeting the aims set out in the action plan this term and alongside this awareness raising work, their creative curriculum allowed all classes to study water consumption at home and how they could save water in school.

By taking a lead on the project, which had measurable outcomes (the amount of money raised), the Eco Warriors were enthusiastic to develop more projects and achieved a sense of self fulfilment. This topic could also have been used as an example for Global Perspectives.

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