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School grounds story: Pupil Friendly school grounds at Purleigh Community Primary School

The school grounds at Purleigh Community Primary School are a lovely place to visit. The Eco-Committee has been an integral part of deciding what should happen in the school grounds, ensuring that every idea is pupil friendly.

They have an outdoor classroom which doubles up as a storytelling area, willow domes for some relaxation time and some great wildlife areas too. The Eco-Committee put out reptile mats and we have been very lucky to see slow worms and grass snakes using them – a lot of the children will often have a look at these and at our bug hotel in the school grounds during break and lunchtime.

The pupils in the school love to run round and keep active and the school help encourage this by providing space to run, a climbing wall and a tyre obstacle course. Part of the grounds has been separated off as a memorial area for one of our teachers. This was designed by the pupils to be a quiet area to provide a balance within the school grounds, giving a peaceful space for time for reflection. The Eco-Committee all came up with their own design for the area, and these were combined and put into place. It includes lots of great butterfly friendly plants – great for improving the biodiversity in the school grounds.

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