Litter is one of the simplest ways to show children the impact our behaviour has on the environment. It is also one of the easiest to do something about in the school setting. Even if the you have not chosen litter as one of the topics to focus on, you need to do some work on the topic of litter as it is a requirement that schools be free from litter in order to achieve the Green Flag.

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Project idea – Litter picks
Litter picks are a fun way for the Eco-Committee to get people involved in tackling litter. Going outside with litter pickers, a bag for recyclable waste and one for general waste is an activity many pupils enjoy. By counting the number of items collected, or weighing the total amount of litter picked, the Eco-Committee should be able to see what impact their anti-litter campaigns have on litter being dropped.

Our take on Balloon Releases
We know that balloon releases have been a traditional way to celebrate special achievements or events, but our attitudes towards them need to change. Balloon releases in schools are not part of our ethos and should be challenged if suggested as a way to celebrate. Check out the following report from our friends at Clean Cornwall about the detrimental environmental affects of balloon releases. Unfortunately, balloon releases still take place – it is up to all of us, as Eco-Schools, to make sure they are phased out and replaced with alternative activities.

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