Silver Award criteria

Silver Award criteria

Once you have achieved your Bronze Award, you will be ready to progress towards Silver Award level. This involves continuing the good work you have already achieved in your school, while further embedding your green practices into school life.

This is self-assessed online and focuses on the activities you are undertaking on the Eco-Schools topics you have chosen. If you feel you have met the criteria listed below, please login to your account to complete the self-assessment.

The Eco-Committee

  • Pupils volunteer to be part of a decision-making Eco-Committee
  • There is a representation from the parents or governing body on the Eco-Committee
  • The Eco-Committee meets a minimum of once every half term
  • Pupils share responsibility with adults for running the meetings and keeping a record of them
  • Pupil representatives ensure that there is communication to and from the Eco-Committee to the rest of the school

The Environmental Review

  • Pupils and adults carry out an Environmental Review of the school, covering all nine topics
  • A copy of the Environmental Review is displayed on the Eco-Board and communicated with the whole school, along with planned activities for improvement

The Action Plan

  • The Eco-Committee produce a detailed Action Plan
  • The Action Plan includes specific targets with a timescales for completing them and who will be responsible for the action
  • The Eco-Committee has shared the Action Plan with the entire school
  • A copy of the Action Plan is displayed on the Eco-Board

Monitoring action and evaluating progress

  • The Eco-Committee monitors the effectiveness of Eco-Schools work eg via data collection and before and after photographs

Linking to the curriculum

  • The school can indicate that a range of environmental issues have been covered within the curriculum in most year groups

Involving the whole school and wider community

  • The school has a prominent and designated Eco-Board detailing all Eco-Schools activities, including a copy of their Environmental Review, Action Plan, minutes, before and after photographs and photographs of Eco-Committee members
  • The Eco-Committee regularly communicates Eco-Schools activities to the entire school and wider community through assemblies and school newsletters

The Eco-Code

  • The school has an agreed Eco-Code
  • The Eco-Code is displayed on the Eco-Schools noticeboard

Applying for your award

  • The Silver Award is self-assessed.
  • Complete your assessment by logging into our assessment site.
  • You will be able to download a Silver Award logo and certificate to display at your school and on your website and other literature.

Interactive Eco-School

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