Bronze Award criteria

Bronze Award criteria

Once you have made some progress on your chosen Eco-Schools topics and told the rest of your school about your good work, you will be ready to apply for the Eco-Schools Bronze Award.

This is self-assessed online and focuses on the activities you are undertaking on the Eco-Schools topics you have chosen. If you feel you have met the criteria listed below, please login to your account to complete the self-assessment.

The Eco-Committee

  • A mixed group of pupils and adults meets to discuss environmental action for the school and form an Eco-Committee
  • The group meets a minimum of once a term
  • Notes are kept of the meetings
  • The results of group discussions and the actions to be taken are communicated to the rest of the school

The Environmental Review

  • An informal Environmental Review of the school is carried out covering all nine topics
  • Results of the Environmental Review are discussed by the Eco-Committee
  • Following the Environmental Review, some activities are planned that will change and improve the environmental performance of the school

The Action Plan

  • The Eco-Committee produces a basic Action Plan influenced by their informal Environmental Review
  • Actions are agreed by the Eco-Committee and who will be responsible for these actions
  • A copy of the Action Plan is displayed on the Eco-Board

Monitoring action and evaluating progress

  • The Eco-Committee makes note of progress towards targets

Linking to the curriculum

  • Environmental issues are covered as part of curriculum work in most year groups across a range of subjects

Involving the whole school and wider community

  • The school has a prominent and designated Eco-Board detailing all Eco-Schools activities, including a copy of their Environmental Review, Action Plan, minutes, before and after photographs and photographs of Eco-Committee members

The Eco-Code

  • There is an agreement on an environmental statement for the school drawn up by the Eco-Committee

Applying for your award

  • The Bronze Award is self-assessed
  • Complete your assessment by logging into our assessment site
  • You will then be able to download a Bronze Award logo and certificate to display at your school and on your website and other literature

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