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Trust LED

We all know that we should be switching off lights whenever possible, but is there more we can be doing in this area? We think so! Trust LED are our recognised supplier of LED lighting – which can have huge benefits to your school and to the environment.

By changing your existing lighting to LED, your school will be reducing its carbon footprint and saving you money. In fact, the energy saving from LED lighting will pay for the cost of the equipment, releasing further money that can be reinvested elsewhere in the school.

Why and How it Works

The British Government must reduce all UK carbon targets by 60% by 2020 or face millions of pounds in fines. One of the best ways to hit this target, while saving money, is to replace old fashioned lighting with state of the art LED lighting.

Moved by this target, the Government formed The Carbon Trust to help schools make the change to LED at no cost to you. You won’t have to pay for any of the changes, the loan costs will be covered by the energy savings and in most cases the return on investment will be immediate. As a Carbon Trust backed company, Trust LED are the people to speak to about making these positive changes to your school.
Find Out More

Check out this video from Trust LED which explains what they are doing and how your school can get involved.

LED lighting will deliver a far brighter light and it’s estimated to save you between 80-90% on your lighting costs.

Head over to Trust LED’s website for more info, email Kym on or give Trust LED a call on 0191 258 3213.

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